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Family don't end in Blood
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Mature content
5 minute writing challenge- Surprise. :iconladyclampton:LadyClampton 6 7
Mature content
Murder Mystery Short- Part one :iconladyclampton:LadyClampton 0 2
Mature content
Can You Save Me? (OC X Gabriel) Part 12 (AlterTL) :iconladyclampton:LadyClampton 1 3
Mature content
Can you Save Me? (Gabriel x OC) Part 11 (AlterTL) :iconladyclampton:LadyClampton 2 14
Untitled by LadyClampton Untitled :iconladyclampton:LadyClampton 0 0 a child's dream by LadyClampton a child's dream :iconladyclampton:LadyClampton 1 1
Who sits upon the Mountain?
Who is it that sits upon the mountain,
And looks down upon the valley as it rains?
Does the wet not touch them?
Do they not understand?
Who is it that sits upon the mountain,
As the valley floods below?
What once was is washed away,
And those who sit upon the mountain, 
Begin another day. 
:iconladyclampton:LadyClampton 2 0
Mature content
Sam x Reader :iconladyclampton:LadyClampton 5 4
What happens when she's had enough?
What do you see when you look at me?
A puppet, with strings to pull?
Do you see me for who I really am,
Or do you set me up like a doll?
Do you want me to be nice and say welcome,
Though my heart is burning with hate?
Would you have me stand by and watch,
As my chance to run goes out the gate?
I will not be a prisoner here,
I will not sit idly by.
I will make a difference in my life,
For though you think it, I am not shy.
I will burn down these walls,
Watch them crumble before me.
I will stand on the shoulders of giants,
As I watch you scramble, lost in your money.
What will save you now,
Now that your daughter is broken?
No amount of money can tame,
The monster that you have awoken.
:iconladyclampton:LadyClampton 2 4
Mature content
Can you Save Me? (Gabriel x OC) Part 10 (AlterTL) :iconladyclampton:LadyClampton 2 6
Here's to you: The Early Riser
Here's to you, the Early Riser.
You see the sun, before us all.
You can smile without coffee,
And still be on the ball.
You are an amazing creature,
Able to handle the harsh truth of the morn.
You are an oddity for sure,
But really we need more of you born.
I am jealous, of the way you can wake,
No issue at all, or crying to be had.
I myself know, my smile would be fake,
Until the coffee hits my lips, I'm better in bed.
:iconladyclampton:LadyClampton 2 3
Your first Panel (Richard x Reader) One shot
Saturday morning panels were your favorite, but for some reason you weren't feeling it this morning. You had always enjoyed them as a fan, no matter how late you had stayed up the night before. Now that you were an actor though, and you had lines to run between conventions, it seemed a little more stressful. The fact that Rob, Rich, and Matt still did the karaoke night, didn't help because now you were doing your very first panel, hungover. You didn't have to go to the party of course, but you could never say no to Richard.
He had caught you on your way to the hotel last night, and your fun loving co-star had insisted that you go with him to the party. After several hours of drunken singing and swaying, you had finally pulled Richard aside, and told him you had to go to bed
:iconladyclampton:LadyClampton 16 26
Mature content
Can you Save Me? (Gabriel x OC) Part 9 (AlterTL) :iconladyclampton:LadyClampton 1 4
Earthquack by LadyClampton Earthquack :iconladyclampton:LadyClampton 0 6
When Inspiration Comes... #18
Inspired by: Hoping for a save return
Your ship it sailed,
                    Off on the lonely sea.
Did you know I was left,
                    Here I was left so lonely.
I do not know,
            When you will return.
I do not know,
            If I will have a candle to burn.
On those nights,
            When the storms are strong.
I wait and I listen,
            For the bell when it gongs.
Through this wall,
            I patiently await.
Your return,
            From the sea so great.
Through this wall,
:iconladyclampton:LadyClampton 3 4
Mature content
Can you Save me? (Gabriel x OC) Part8 (AlterTL) :iconladyclampton:LadyClampton 1 15


How to write an article for Project Educate
Project Educate
Welcome to a step-by-step tutorial addressing how you should be writing your article for projecteducate! Please read carefully through this article, and closely observe each screenshot so that you can have a good understanding on how to proceed as you publish what might be the first of many PE articles! :dummy:
Step 1: You're on DeviantArt, possibly wondering what "" is and where you can find it.

Step 2: Hover over that big "Submit" button, and you'll find a few drop-down options. One of them is! Click on it.

Step 3: You've clicked on, and now you're seeing this page. As you can see, there are many options. The one you're looking for is "Compose in StashWriter"

Step 4: You've clicked on "Compose in StashWriter" and now you're seeing this page. This is where you write your article!
:iconmrs-durden:Mrs-Durden 68 40
Make Them Forget (Gabriel x reader)
Title: Make Them Forget
Prompt: Imagine asking Gabriel to erase your family’s memories because your life puts them in danger.
Pairing: Gabriel x reader
Word count: ~1000
Warnings: brief mentions of violence/torture.
It was raining, had been for a long while now and the end of it didn’t seem to be arriving any time soon. The sky was dark purple and the clouds were tall and heavy, and the rumbling, low sound of thunder could be heard somewhere in the distance. You didn’t mind the rain; the pouring storm and the depressing weather matched perfectly your somber mood. You had been sitting out there for hours now, and you were so cold your fingers were numb and stiff, your lips were blueish in colour and you were shivering all over, but again, you didn’t care. Your mind was too occupied with worry for your family rather than worry for yourself.
You remembered perfectly the call you’d gotten from your little-sister two days ago.
:iconlizardlywizard:lizardlywizard 37 14
Every heart has a scar by ATL5SOSfan Every heart has a scar :iconatl5sosfan:ATL5SOSfan 1 0
5 minute writing challenge: Safe Word
I was challenged on tumblr but I want to challenge LadyClampton here too because she is so awesome!
S11 Spoilers!

A/N: So my mom had this headcanon thing a while back when Cas said yes to Lucifer and I am just kinda playing around with that a little bit and kinda took a joking angle to it - but I am in love with the idea so I may use it somehow in a later fic. Maybe a Cas x reader one. Who knows :)
Pairing: Dean x reader (with a little twist)
“You what?” You stared at Dean in disbelief as you slowly backed away from him. 
“I am sorry sweetheart! It was the only way to save him. To make sure Lucifer didn’t kill him. Burn him out. I couldn’t let him stayed trapped in there with him any longer. We will get his vessel back but until then…” Dean’s words fadded out as he scanned your face for emotions. For any sign of what you were feeling! 
“So who did I just kiss?!”
:icongoodwierd:goodwierd 2 3
Suspicious - Chapter 15 [GabrielxReader]
Chapter:    15 - "Gifts Are Optional"
Pairing:    Gabriel/Reader
Summary:     Something about your new college's janitor just seems suspicious.
Warning Level:    ●○○○○ Low / Fluff
The next day, you still didn't hav
:iconnessasan:NessaSan 18 10
(Rob Benedict X Reader) Name Soulmates
(Rob Benedict X Reader) Name Soulmates
You lived in a world where everyone had a soulmate. When you were born, you were born with their name tattooed on your wrist. Some people chose to forget about them, and cover them up any way they could, others refused to date anyone other then those with the matching name.
You never paid much attention to yours, it said Robert Benedict on your wrist, and even when you were younger you never really thought much of it. But, once you were older, you did sort of pay attention to it. You had started to watch the show Supernatural, and soon fell in love wit the character Chuck. You looked him up and found out everything you could about him. Including his actor. Rob Benedict. At first, you didn’t think much of it. But one day it hit you.
Rob Benedict, Rob Benedict! It had to be the same person! Oh he was cute too! And by now, definitely your facorite actor. But that was short lived. You soon were frowing.
It had to be some sort of joke. How could
:iconcutiepie0409:Cutiepie0409 28 9
Dark Souls - The sun has set, praise the sun. by FixelCat Dark Souls - The sun has set, praise the sun. :iconfixelcat:FixelCat 284 46
Mature content
SLOW AND EASY :icongoodwierd:goodwierd 2 0
R.I.P David Bowie (1947 - 2016) by KiraiMirai R.I.P David Bowie (1947 - 2016) :iconkiraimirai:KiraiMirai 124 8 Metsorini Pp by HLEVN Metsorini Pp :iconhlevn:HLEVN 117 8 Favourite Scarf by Zombiesmile Favourite Scarf :iconzombiesmile:Zombiesmile 7,556 574 As the World Falls Down by bcduncan As the World Falls Down :iconbcduncan:bcduncan 71 6
Mature content
padded room :icondrade666:drade666 24 5
Black Ink and Beating Hearts (Castiel x Reader)
You thank the girl at the counter before leaving the dark shop, fingers intwined with Castiel's. The skin of your right forearm still stings a little, and feels over sensitive, like you've been scratching it over and over for a while. You don't pay it any mind, however; it's not like this is your first tattoo.
Cas smiles down at you as you cross the street, heading to a diner on the street corner. When you sit down in a booth, a waitress comes to take you order, leaving once again with a slice of cherry pie scribbled on her notepad. A moment later, Cas finally asks the question that has been nagging at him since you left the tattoo shop. "Y/N, may I see your tattoo now? If you don't mind, of course." You set down the menu you had been skimming over.
"Sure, but my skin's still a bit red." You smile at him.
"If you'd like, I can heal it," the angel offers. Your smile widens.
"Thank you, but really, it's fine. I'm used to it, and it's not really that bad." You pull the gauze away, reveali
:iconbrokenbones67:BrokenBones67 28 4
Healing Love
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader, Dean’s 2 year old daughter, Bobby (mentioned), Castiel (mentioned), Ruby (mentioned), Lucifer (mentioned), Micheal (mentioned), think that is all.
Pairing: Dean x reader
Warnings: character death, implied smut, I think that is it really... Fluff lots of fluff
Wordcount: 4000ish
A/N: Also an anon request I had lying around for a while:
Could you do a Dean imagine where the reader and dean were dating before he went to hell. She moved on thinking he wouldn't come back and when Sam gets sucked into the cage by lucifer he lives a year with her (like he did with Lisa) only to find out that she had his child Fluffy reunion please, Hope it is okay
I am sorry I didn’t get to it until now anon but I hope you see it and you’ll like it. It can be read as a one shot but it is the sequel to She Waits.
Other than the re
:icongoodwierd:goodwierd 2 4
Mature content
True Colors :icongoodwierd:goodwierd 14 2

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Sydney (Instert name here)
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I really am not sure. I guess i would say that i am a young woman who has had a hard life. I was homeless from 17 to 18. The day before i graduated highschool (which i did even if i was homeless) I was hit by a car and almost lost my leg, not to mention my life. Now two years later i am 20 and living the dream. Wonderful man who loves me and a job. A small basement apartment, a puppy and the promise of an even fuller life on the horizon.
Dean Winchester | Supernatural by JustYoungHeroes Cas says hi! by EmmaEsme

So, I have some explaining to do...

Journal Entry: Wed May 11, 2016, 9:55 PM
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From the Desk of LadyClampton

LadyClampton's Journal

To get started, I would like to say I am so, so, so sorry, for all the commitments I totally scrubbed on, all the people I let down...

Here is what happened....

I got fired, and went into a spiraling depression, as you all know.... after that, I kinda discovered computer viruses, and how unfun they are. I have just recently gotten my computer back.

Another part I suppose is I was scared to come back after I know I missed a deadline for a kinda important article at projecteducate , and I am SO SORRY! I don't know what happened but I just stopped everything and I know I let you guys down and I promise that if you ever give me the chance to write for you again, I promise it won't happen again.

anyway... I am now going to check all the odd updates, notes, and comments that I have missed.
I am sorry... once again.



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